Business Protection


It is fantastic that you have your own business, whether with a partner or limited company starting and maintaining a business of your own is hard work and many would say harder than being employed, the responsibilities are much greater and the rewards, well where do we start!


This hard work is worth protecting and how would you safeguard your business if any of the following events happens:-


What happens if one of the Directors or Partners dies?


Would you want to work with your partner's spouse? Would they have the same experience and would they want to work in the business? Would they have the same ideas? Would they want to sell the business? Would You?


What happens if YOU or your Business Partner get seriously ill?


What happens when the person that produces the most Sales gets sick or dies?


How do you protect and insure your assets in your business?


The loss of a key person at any time can be critical to any business, but if you have a plan for these eventualities it can be a less stressful situation, we can put in place what is needed to maintain your business. This can potentially avoid loss of business and keep the business safe and give you the options you would want, rather than the ones you find yourself in.  


Do you not have the time to sort this out ?


At Dixon Financial Solutions we take the time to assess your business and your business relationships, meet with you to discuss your business and explain how certain insurance products will benefit you should any of these things happen, how they work and give you the peace of mind that protects all the time, work and money you have invested in your company stress free.



Business Partnership


Your business is ticking along fine with your partner, then suddenly just like a deck of

cards can fall over, something happens and your partner is critically ill or unfortunately passes away. What happens to their share of your business? Their spouse or child could take over their part. They might decide to 'sell' their part. Where does this leave you?

Relevant Life Cover
Company Directors that currently pay for life insurance out of pre-taxed money could get their company to pay and therefore make a significant saving. Company Directors that currently let the company pay for life insurance and therefore get a P11D benefit could also switch to a relevant life policy to avoid the P11D benefit in kind charge. 
Protection for employees


Good workers are happy workers and happy workers like to know that they are safe and secure in the work environments that they are placed in. Part of this is ensuring that their employment packages cover ensuring their families are looked after in the event of a health issue or death. We can help with this too.

The effects of a crisis on a business ...


Attached is a video of a live business, just like yourselves, where this lady's business was sadly affected by an unfortunate event.

Business protection is just this, protecting your business against any eventuality which could happen and does happen. Just call us for a chat and quite simply we can get this arranged for you, your business, your employees and your future.

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